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Prospective Parents

We encourage parents to register their children for school as soon as possible, but certainly by the time your child is three years of age. Leicestershire County Council deal with our admissions and decide which children get a place at the school through following our Admissions Policy.

To register, you must apply online at:-

Whether you are considering an admission into our Foundation Stage base or an admission at a later stage, we would like to offer you a tour of the school and chance to chat to the Co-Headteachers about the school. Please contact the office if you would like to make an appointment.

We pride ourselves in offering an excellent induction programme for children and their parents, before starting at the school. If you register your child in time, we will:-

  • Give you a personal tour of the school and answer any queries you have
  • Give you and your child the opportunity to spend some time in the Foundation Stage
  • Invite staff from your child’s pre-school to the Foundation Stage for a morning or afternoon
  • Offer you a meeting with a Foundation Stage class teacher during the summer term
  • Provide you with an induction pack, which includes useful information and resources
  • An induction morning or afternoon in early July for you and your child

Please note that applications for places at our school are managed by Leicestershire County Council; the school does not deal with places directly. Please visit the local authority website (listed above) for advice and further information. 

A child who has been offered a place at the school by Leicestershire Local Authority Allocations’ Department will be eligible for a full-time place in our Foundation Stage base at the beginning of the autumn term, following his/her fourth birthday.