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Year 3

The teachers in Year 3 are Mrs Garton, Mrs Perrin and Mrs Taylor.

Our Learning Support Assistants are Mrs Atkins, Mrs Edney, Mrs Handley, Mrs Johnson, Mrs Kaur Bahra, Mrs Novak and Miss Stephenson.

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This term we will be looking at:

Ancient Egypt in History
What can we find out about Ancient Egypt?
We explore life in Ancient Egypt and the role the Nile played in the development of this rich and ancient civilisation. We find out about the amazing discovery of Tutankhamen’s tomb by archaeologist, Howard Carter and understand what different artefacts and hieroglyphics tell us about the lives of the people of this time.

The Amazon Rainforest in Geography
Why are forests fantastic?
We learn about the location of the Amazon rainforest and explain some of the different physical characteristics of the rainforest, including the river and the climate. We explore how humans use this environment and how it is globally important.  We also compare the Amazon rainforest to a local forest (Sherwood).

How plants grow in Science
We identify the functions of the different parts of a plant, investigate what plants need in order to grow well and explore hot plants reproduce. We also complete our unit on rocks and soils – identifying and classifying different kinds of rocks, finding out what they can be used for. We also investigate different soil types as well as the fascinating world of fossils.

In maths we will continue with our weekly arithmetic which builds up the children’s skills in quick recall as well as being able to answer a variety of questions effectively. We will deepen our knowledge of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and will start new units on fractions, shape, space and measures and statistics.

Our English work will be based on a book that links to our History and Geography topics. The children will be learning about advertisements and newspaper reports whilst working on the text – Around the world in 80 days. They will also be creating leaflets and writing stories on rainforests. Spellings, handwriting and grammar work will continue throughout the year.

For details on all other subjects please see our year 3 curriculum overview.

Times Tables

We are always trying to practise our times tables in year 4. One popular game to help the children learn is called 'Hit the Button'. Click the link below to have a go.

Hit the Button

Also remember that all the children have a login to Times Tables Rockstars. If you are unable to find your login, please email us and we can send it to you.

Times Tables Rock Stars

Extra challenges!

If you are looking for extra challenges to complete in your maths work, have a go at something on the Nrich website. There are lots of maths investigations  on there for a variety of topics in maths.

Nrich Primary Maths

Useful Websites