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Year 4

The teachers in Year 4 are Mrs Richardson and Mrs Sillifant.

Our Learning Support Assistant is Miss Wright.

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This term we will be looking at:

Geography - Europe: We will be learning the names, locations and features of European countries and capitals. You can use to do your own research.

History - Anglo Saxons, Picts and Scots: We will be using the mysterious burial ship at Sutton Hoo as a basis, exploring where the Anglo Saxons came from, how they came to settle in Britain.

Science - States of Matter: We will be learning about the differences between solids, liquids and gases and how these states can change. We will also be learning about the processes of condensation and evaporation.

Art: Children will have the opportunity to explore the work of European artists Anselm Kiefer, Michelangelo, Salvador Dali and Rembrandt, architect Le Corbusier and designer Coco Chanel.

Design & Technology: We will be finding out the purpose of a greenhouse and how it works, exploring how structures like these can be made stable and what materials would be the most appropriate to use.

Music: Using the Anglo Saxon tale ‘Beowulf’ to learn songs and different musical styles.

Times Tables

We are always trying to practise our times tables in year 4. One popular game to help the children learn is called 'Hit the Button'. Click the link below to have a go.

Hit the Button

Also remember that all the children have a login to Times Tables Rockstars. If you are unable to find your login, please email us and we can send it to you.

Times Tables Rock Stars

Extra challenges!

If you are looking for extra challenges to complete in your maths work, have a go at something on the Nrich website. There are lots of maths investigations  on there for a variety of topics in maths.

Nrich Primary Maths


Sent out every Thursday to be returned by Tuesday. Homework includes weekly spellings.


The more reading that your child does, the better their understanding and comprehension skills will improve! The children can change their reading book as often as they like.

Useful Websites